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Celebration of Diwali 2022

  Students of JVPS enthusiastically organized the special assembly on auspicious festival of Deewali. The celebration started with Morning Prayer. School campus was fully decorated with lights, candles, and artwork from eco-friendly products. Students took special pledge to celebrate Green Deewali. They talked about the significance of the festival - how good always conquered the evil and also about why and how Diwali is celebrated across India. They played an awestrucking role play sensitizing students about the ill-effects of crackers, they also shared the guidelines of environment-friendly options for celebrating Diwali. The celebration was made more to the students’ liking by energetic bhangra performance. Melodies poems and songs were sung to deck out the beauty of this festival. Wonderful presentation of the assembly by the students instilled a sense of victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil, and hope over despair. Respected Director Ma’am vo

Success at jvps 2022 (Vatan khel Mela)

  *"Without Hard Work, Nothing Grows But Weeds."* Vatikans keep their studies parallel to their physical development. They keep on engaging themselves into various games and sports. *Master Danny Sharma* of grade VIII participated in Vatan khel Mela. He secured *Broze Medal* for himself by playing wonderfully in *Table Tennis State Competition Under 14 Boys, held at Barnala* (19-20 October) JVPS congratulates you, coach and the whole family. Keep working hard and keep shining.

Global Handwash Day 2022

  Global Handwashing Day, celebrated annually on October 15, is the perfect opportunity to teach your community about critical role play by hand hygiene. On this day to talk about why handwashing is so important, how to do it right and when to do it, too. In JVPS tiny tots learnt this through activities with fun music and story related to this day.Teachers showed Ppt to kids related to hand wash, when and how they should wash their hands and they also enjoyed a story related to hand wash. At last but not the least tiny tots enjoyed a dance with teachers and step by step they learnt how to wash their hands. The students enthusiastically participated in the activities. The aim was to remind our tiny tots that handwashing with soap and water is one of the best and easiest steps we can take to avoid spreading germs and getting sick.

Trip to Fun World 2022

  Children,as students, are bound by a number of rules, do’s and don’ts. These rules and restrictions are important for the overall development of a child, it is also highly important that once in a while they are let out free to explore and experiment. School trips provide children an opportunity to come out from the confines and groom themselves to get ready to face the challenges of life alone. Keeping in mind the importance of Trips JVPS organised one day excursion for its students of classes III to X to Fun World Patiala. The trip was full of entertainment. The fun journey started at 7.30 am from school campus. On their way to Fun World they had all the benefits of the bus ride with their mates and teachers. Students wooped themselves up on the water rides, such as wave pool, Anaconda hole, Tune slide , dome slide, Mushroom Fountain and they also joined on the rain dance floor over there in Fun World. Vatikans had a whale of a time on thrill rides like Horror House, Dragon Tra

International Girl Child Day 2022

  October 11 is celebrated every year as International Girl Child Day, a day to recognize the struggles girls face in their lives. On this occasion, a special assembly was conducted, at JVPS by students of the Challengers House to highlight the importance of a girl child. Vatikans delivered poignant speech and recited poems on the theme and urged everyone to raise awareness about the 'Beti Bachao Beti Padhao' campaign. Students performed a heart-rending role play, highlighting the importance of daughter in a family. In their dance performance, students emphasized on how girls with big dreams become the woman of vision. Their performance caught everyone's eye. The performance was focused on need to address the challenges that girls face and to promote the girl's empowerment. Through 'Ramp Walk' students showed how girls are equally participating in every field of life and facing the world. Principal ma'am motivated students to respect each and every woman in

Indian Air Force Day 2022

*India enjoys its freedom and sovereignty, because of the people who are protecting it.”*   Students of Elites House presented special assembly on Indian Air Force Day at Jai Vatika Public School to raise awareness of the Indian Air Force among all the pupils. The assembly took off with the moving song "Sare Jahan Se Achha", which was followed by an exhilarating dance performance illustrating the significance of the Air Force. All of the audience bowed in homage to the valiant freedom warriors who gave their life for the nation. Certificate Distribution for winners of various competitions was conducted. Principal Ma'am's motivational remarks, emphasised the significance of young people's role in bringing about change in society, marked the conclusion of the assembly.” Freedom is precious. Flag waving in the wind is a symbol of our freedom. Happy Air Force Day! Jai Hind!