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Global Sustainability Award 2023

  *Talent wins games but teamwork and intelligence wins championships. * JVPS always believes in imparting practical knowledge to students and making them sensitive towards global environmental issues, making them aware of their responsibility towards nature, natural resources and the social issues such as poverty, hunger, quality education and many more in order to sustain our planet earth. These efforts of school has been appreciated and honoured by *ARC SDG Awards* from past few years. The aim of the award was to recognise the work done by schools towards Sustainable Planet . This year over 450 applications in various categories, from 15+ countries and 5 continents were part of the event , *Jai Vatika Public School* won *awards* for its work in different segments like *Green eco friendly campus* , *community work* , *social responsibility* and SDG integrated curriculum and lesson plans under *Emerging* *SDG Champion. One of our Educator Mr. Rohit Menon* won award in the *Educato

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