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Christmas Day


🎄🤶 is the spirit of giving without a thought of getting. It's a time when family 👪and friends come together and remember the good things they have.*
On the occasion of *Christmas* 🤶🎄 the Students🧑‍🎓 of *Legends* house of *Jai Vatika Public School* 🏫, *Barnala* presented a special assembly with Gaiety. The program began with the prayer🙏 followed by a wonderful dance performance💃👯 by the students of Legends house.
Various competitions were organised in the campus to celebrate the festival of peace and happiness such as
*_Inter-House Carol Singing* 🎹🎤🎸 *Competition,* *Inter- House Short Play Competition and_ _Inter-House Cake🎂 Decoration competition_*
Students of four houses (Champs, Challengers, Elites and Legends) participated with great excitement 🤗. The budding vocalist of each House sang🎤 Christmas carols in their soothing voices . Though Christmas 🤶🎄traditionally is celebrated🎉🎊 to commemorate the birth of Jesus as it reminds us of a very important fact that god is always besides his children as a benevolent father, a guiding friend and loving spirit. To present this the students🧑‍🎓🧑‍🎓 of four houses were the next on stage with their Role Plays.
*Santa Claus* 🤶 was the centre of attraction who kept distributing gifts🎁🎁 and candies🍬🍬 among the audience.
*The students exchanged gifts with their class mates*
Our special guest Mrs. Rakesh Rani, praised the confidence level of all the participants.
Our school *Principal Ma'am Mrs. Rinki Chakraborty Singh* enriched the children and teachers alike with her inspiring words. She emphasized on being happy and spreading happiness and cheerfulness each day of one's life. She appreciated 👏the performances of the participants and efforts put in by the teachers. She also announced the results.
Carol Singing *First position* 🏆 was secured by *Elites House* *Second* 🏆 by *Legends* and *Third position* 🏆 by the *Challengers* House.
In *Inter House Role Play Competition* *Challengers* bagged the *First position* 🏆 and the *Second position* 🏆 was secured by *Champs* *House.*
In *Inter-house Cake Decoration Competition* *First position* 🏆 was secured by *Champs house* followed by *Legends House.*
The assembly concluded with the *Prize* 🏆 *Distribution* to the winning teams by our honourable Chief guest and Respected Principal Ma'am.
Everyone left the campus with a smile, sympathy for fellow beings and values of sharing one's blessings with the less privileged and others.


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